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Crank Geometries


Figure 1: Image showing connecting rod length Figure 2: Image showing stroke  (Stroke is also difference of piston height at TDC minus BDC)


Below is a collective table of many of the common crank geometries, their rod length (either 89mm long rod or 85mm short rod), and their strokes (38mm, 40mm).

 Crank Rod Stamp Rod Length Stroke (+-0.5mm)
ZL40MM 89mm Long  40mm or 38mm 
AF80 89mm Long  40mm or 38mm 
Zeda-80 89mm Long  40mm or 38mm 
No Mark 85mm Short  40mm or 38mm 
Z-L 85mm Short 40mm
ZAE-50 85mm Short  38mm
ZMN80 89mm Long 40mm or 38mm
ZMN100 89mm Long


This list may not be 100% up to date or accurate. China often changes and mixes up crank parts causing random variations of these. Please measure yourself to be sure.

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