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Watercooled AM6

 Watercooled AM6 Motorized Bicycle


I started this project in April of 2019 and ended around December 2019. It started out as an R&D project to have one of the first water cooled motorized bikes to exist. I wanted to use as many china girl internals as possible. This engine uses a Minarelli AM6 80cc Polini Sport Cylinder paired with a billet cnc machined case. The stud holes were filled and redrilled to fit the cylinder.

It was heavily port matched to fit the massive transfers. 

The crank was trued and balanced to a balance factor of about 55%. The ends were also modified to fit 14mm double lip viton seals. 

It went though a few different versions of mock-up until I made mounts and got the radiator and hoses routed like I wanted. It uses a 7ah 12v li-ion battery, a YZ125 radiator, and a 12v Bosch water pump. 

I built my own wheels. 26" MTX33 triple wall eyeleted rims, 11g spokes, front and rear 203mm disc brakes. Wrapped in 26x 2.5 in Thickslick tires.  

Paired with a modified KX85 pipe and a Mikuni TM24, it is now estimated to make about 15hp. It runs just about 65-70 mph at almost 12500 rpm, geared at 10/36t. Temperature stays under 50C almost the entire time (doesn't even get to prime operating temp). 

It is honestly one the most terrifying bike I have ever ridden, the power band hits like crazy and I still have yet to get a clutch to hold the pipe hit. It is arguably one of the most powerful motorized bikes to exist. 

Lots of things are still being improved on the bike, I am in the works of making a fully programmable digital ignition, fitting a thermostat to limit battery usage and regulate temperature, making billet mounts to hold the radiator properly, and more.




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